Personalized Children’s Books Make Great Gifts

Personalized children’s books are one of the best gifts that parents can give. It seems like every gift for children today lights up and require batteries. These toys seem to be attention grabbers but they never seem to last. They are the first toys to get broken or tossed aside. Parents are are not looking to stock their garage sales they are looking for value and something that will be memorable for their children. One option for parents is to give their children a personalized storybook.

What is a personalized children’s book? It is a book that is custom designed with your child’s name in the book, children’s lighting making your child the star of the story! Children love stories. They love to hear them and they love to make them up. They also love to hear you tell them stories about them. Bedtime stories can become a real special time with your child with their own homemade children’s book.

Over the last few years these children’s books have become a real hot gift. Personalized Children’s gifts are not just limited to books they also include; floor puzzles, pirate bandannas, baby blankets, and T-shirts.

Maia Haag, the founder of “I see me” personalized gifts says that she started her company with her graphic designer husband to help build self esteem and celebrate the uniqueness of each child. Imagine what it does for a child’s self esteem when he hears that he is the one who saves the princess from the dragon, or imagine her face when you read a story where she is the princess in her very own fairy tale. One thing is certain these are books that your children will not want to put down!

If you are planning on giving a personalized children’s book a gift you’ll want to plan ahead because it can take up to four to six weeks to get it. There are several great websites that you can order from.

I wrote this article because I found that it is hard to find great children’s gifts that are memorable. I was very impressed with these gift options when i found them. Click the link if you would like to know more about personalized childrens books!

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