What Are the Positives and Negatives of Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging relies on the latest electromagnetic field technology to help with transferring energy from the charging unit to the mobile device. Wireless charging products offer a variety of positives and negatives in relation to their use. Here are several of the key issues to consider in using these chargers –

Positives of using wireless chargers

Eliminate tangled cords – A significant positive of using the wireless charging units is the ability to avoid the tangle of cords. Since most households will have multiple devices in need of a daily charging, it certainly helps to eliminate the need to use the specific charging unit for each piece of mobile technology in the home. By leave the device on or in close proximity to the mat it is possible to charge the devices using the most practical method possible. Several of the wireless chargers are universal in design so able to charge a variety of devices irrespective of the make or model of unit.

Also, because there isn’t any exposed wires or connectors it is possible to improve safety risks in relation to short circuits and electrical leakage.

Smart charging

An energy-saving aspect of the wireless charging units is the ability to include an automatic off feature. This means the charging units stop working as soon as the mobile device is fully charged. A positive of this is the ability to avoid damage caused by overcharging which should help extend the lifetime of the battery.

Increased convenience

Wireless charging is certain to offer the most convenient option for charging all types of devices. It eliminates a need to constantly change and plug-in chargers to the wall socket. A wireless charger is able to automatically charge a mobile device provided that it is within range.

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