Bonuses Boost Conversion

Your website can have a million “eyeballs” checking it out, but if the visitors don’t become customers, then those eyeballs are worth very little.

The fact is you must pay attention to conversions for your businesses to survive.

In general, the basic ecommerce formula works like this:

• Step One: Drive traffic to the website.

• Step Two: Convert those eyeballs to leads.

• Step Three: Convert leads to customers.

• Step Four: Generate repeat purchases.

Bonus products can be an essential variable in this formula. However, offering bonuses isn’t just putting the words “But wait – there’s more,” in your offer. The key is to know what types of bonuses will have the strongest effect on your prospects.

1. The Eyeballs to Conversions Process.

As a business owner, you have several tasks to make your business successful. First, you must drive traffic to your website. In addition, once you have website visitors, you must convert those visitors into clients or customers. While a lead does not necessarily equal a sale, it does equal a future potential sale. Once you have a prospect’s name and email address, you’re able to move into step two – converting them to customers and making sales.

Bonus products work very well as a tool to build your opt-in list and offering a free giveaway in exchange for an email address is a common lead generating mechanism. What you offer and how you offer it largely depends on your target audience.

In cases where you’re selling an expensive product, a substantial bonus product or a series of bonus products can help convince your prospects them they’re making the right decision.

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