Get Life Insurance Leads – The Simplest Yet Most Effective & Tangible Approach

Why “Hunting” for Life Insurance Leads is the Worst Option

Insurance companies have done a horrible job at marketing their products. Let’s face it, all the commercials that you see on your television are related to stocks and mutual fund type investments. Finally, when an insurance commercial does come on, it’s about the least informative commercial you could possibly see. Marketing for insurance leads does not have to be a painful process. If you are not getting any results with your current marketing strategy, then I am glad you are reading this article to help improve your life insurance lead inflow.

If you are a licensed life insurance agent, looking for life insurance leads the old school way by either doing seminars, putting up fliers; be it on cars or doorsteps, or buying lead lists like I was, you are going down the wrong path. You may get some results from those types of lead strategies, but at what dollar cost? I don’t even want to think about the amount of time that I have invested in those strategies.

Attraction Marketing is Gold for Insurance Leads!

Attraction Marketing is a very great, inexpensive way to get life insurance leads coming to you, rather than you hunting for them. How in the heck does Attraction Marketing work exactly? Well, I am glad you asked. In a nutshell, you establish yourself as a point of information rather than a sales pitch. Lately, more and more people are refusing to watch television and read newspaper advertisements. The reason why they stopped is because they were tired of constantly viewing advertisements that had no informative value what so ever. It’s not about sell sell sell.

Ann Sieg’s E-Book the Attraction Marketers Manifesto is a wonderful and informative read about Attraction Marketing. E-Books are a wonderful way to get information across to individuals, and The Attraction Marketers Manifesto by Ann Sieg is one of those reads that you really don’t want to miss out on.

The E-Book will share her own personal experience and how she came to understand the power of Attraction Marketing. The best part about the e-book is that it breaks down everything step by step. From the time that she gained knowledge of the idea, and how she utilized the idea and implemented it towards her business. Even if you happen to have a side gig going on, and its not in the insurance industry, the e-book would still be a very beneficial read.

Having the Right Solution for Your Life Insurance Leads

There are many different types of life insurance policies that are available for individuals to invest in. Life insurance has really morphed into a very wonderful, and powerful way of saving for retirement. How in the heck do you use life insurance for retirement? Well, if you think about it, you could run the policy on your spouse and then… JUST KIDDING! There is a very unique type of life insurance policy available for your life insurance leads to invest their money into.

This policy is built so that you don’t have to die to receive money! I don’t know about you, but I personally like the whole not having to kick the bucket to get something out of an investment. A lot of my clients like it too. This type of policy is called Indexed Universal Life.

The policy can never, and i repeat that, NEVER return a negative statement. That’s right, your life insurance leads money can never go down with the stock market. That is not all this type of policy can do for your life insurance leads. The best part is that the income that your life insurance lead will receive from the investment is TAX-FREE! There are many more goodies to this policy, like long term care benefits. Most of your clients will have concerns about long term care, and seeing as how a senior home can run anywhere from $4000 to $5000 dollars a month on average, long term care may be something of great importance to your clients.

Remember that starving crowd question that I brought up? Let’s see if you have a starving crowd to help with this type of investment. Everyone knows that the stock market is not Insurance leads stable at all, and recently crashed pretty bad. Well, my clients have not lost a penny of their investment in these hard times. Most importantly, taxes are going up! Now you have a solution to this problem because this type of investment creates Tax Free Income!

Help create your life insurance leads Tax-Free income for their retirement. You will be doing them a huge service by protecting their money from the markets losses and the increasing tax hikes! Not to mention their family and loved ones with additional benefits.

Life Insurance Leads Are Looking For You!

By applying Attraction Marketing to your business, leads will find you, so you will never have to buy a life insurance lead list again. Having the right solution for your life insurance leads could very well mean the difference between you closing the deal that day, or you walking out to your car with everyone being in the negative. Every business depends on a starving crowd, and if you combine a wonderful marketing strategy with a superior product then you have yourself a recipe for making money. By applying what I have told you in this article you will successfully increase your business growth.



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