How to Make Money Online Doing Crude Oil Marketing

Crude oil business is one of the ways to become rich in a day working just on your PC. It is a way to make money online doing petroleum marketing. But the fact is that it is not an easy process. You can make thousands as a petroleum marketer by working as an agent or intermediary broker or even a facilitator. You do not need a large capital to start up. cannabidiol All you need is a good communication skill, good command of English and other languages for customers from non-English speaking countries, a computer and an internet connection etc. Once you have got these skills, it is to work you way towards becoming a millionaire through petroleum marketing.

The first step you should take is to find genuine buyers and sellers of petroleum. Your work as a petroleum marketer or agent will be to link petroleum sellers to crude oil buyers or vice versa. A good place to start is online, starting offline is also a good idea but you will need more than a professional skill to start off online. You will need to learn the petroleum marketing terms like MOQ, TTT, TTO, ATL, CIF, SPA etc. You should know the full meaning of these abbreviations and what they stand for. You should also know the process of working with a petroleum client, be it a buyer or a seller. This is the first thing you should learn prior to finding a seller or buyer.

Most petroleum buyers do not go about searching for crude oil. They usually do so through experienced petroleum agents. Once you have found a genuine petroleum seller, the next step is to find crude oil sellers. Your fist stop should be at buying and selling sites like alibaba etc. There are many sellers and buyers of petroleum there, both genuine and fake traders. Sign up at this site and list the petroleum your seller has for sell. Once a client who wants to buy petroleum mails you, your first action should be to send the procedure for your seller’s delivery basis eg TTO, TTT, FOB, CIF etc. Once they agree to work with this procedure, the next step is signing of SPA. This is not an easy business but once it pays off, it could make you rich overnight.

Modo Oil Group is a crude oil company which offer facilitation service to both sellers and buyers of crude oil. We have on our database genuine sellers and buyers of crude oil.

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