Researching Plastic Surgical Facilities – The First Step to a Life-Changing Decision

The decision to have plastic or cosmetic surgery is a serious undertaking. Whether you are correcting an unsightly blemish, a disproportional body part, or fixing a medical problem, choosing the right surgeon and the right facility is as important as deciding to undergo this serious type or procedure.

Even if you are choosing this procedure because of medical reasons, it will have an impact on your body image, so the decision on which provider to use should be based on more than who is the least expensive surgeon.

Money is definitely an issue. Plastic surgery can be a lucrative profession. One website reported the cost of tummy tucks from as little as $100 up to $15,000. Not all cosmetic surgeries are elective, so if possible, find a facility that takes your insurance coverage. This will help you plan your finances better.

Because this area can be lucrative, physicians who have not been specifically trained as plastic surgeons, often perform these procedures even if they are not board certified. So, when choosing the facility to have your next cosmetic surgery, look for facilities that employ surgeons with appropriate credentials.

Plastic surgeons are specifically trained to repair, replace, or reconstruct physical structures of the body. Even within the cosmetic surgery arena, there are surgeons who specialize in different areas such as the head and face, breast, stomach, hips, hands and even genitalia. Depending on the specialty of the plastic surgeon, they are required to train, after medical school, for at least five to seven years in this field.

After training their cosmetic surgery training, plastic surgeons can sit for board exams. If they pass, they will by certified (in America) by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Occasionally, minor plastic surgery is completed in a physician’s office.

However, only certified surgeons have privileges to work in accredited medical facilities.Ask your plastic surgeon, which facilities he or she is licensed to practice in. Surgeons also need to keep current on modern practices and procedures. It is mandatory that they attend continuing medical education classes.

Once you know that the facility employs physicians that have basic credentials to practice cosmetic surgery, consider how much experience the surgeon has. The longer and more frequently a surgeon performs a type of surgery, the more competent and comfortable he or she will be in performing the procedure.

Ask about your doctor’s experience, ask about his or her education, and ask about the type of professional organizations that he is affiliated with. Research the facility before making an appointment with the physician. Word of mouth is a popular way to find out who is good and who is not.

Even though a physician may be experienced and a facility accredited, that does not guarantee a positive experience. Which facilities are your friends going to? Which ones is your community avoiding? Do an online search to find individuals experienced with the particular facility you are considering.

Check the Better Business Bureau to see what type of rating they have. Most importantly, though, be careful of the testimonials that appear on the facility’s website. This is pure advertisement controlled by the medical facility and they are in business to make money. So, they will do what they can to sell their business.

Most of all, take you time. Permanently changing your appearance with plastic surgery is a serious decision, your selection of a facility and physician should be equally well-informed.

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