Keen Kids Newport – The Ultimate Outdoor Shoe

Having a child it is extremely important to ensure that they are protected. This is the case with their feet, especially if they are playing outdoors. There are many different shoes available for children; however the Keen Kids Newport stand out as being the uncontested best.  local pharmacy in Newport Beach This article will look at the different shoes available from this manufacturer, as well as the different features of these shoes.

The Kids Newport sandals are some of the most popular footwear around for children. Their popularity is based off the fact that they are durable, comfortable, protective and look very stylish. Kids love the Newport’s and so do parents. There are different types available and they are discussed in more detail below.

Keen Newport Kids:

The Keen Kids Newport is an extremely popular shoe. It is designed for kids t play outdoors and it provides the protection that children need.

The shoe comes with a water-resistant leather upper
The lining is made out of hydrophobic mesh
The EVA footbed is cushioned and provides comfort
The sandal is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield antimicrobial. This is used to help stop stains, odor and breakdown.
Can be adjusted easily
There are reflective tabs, that makes it easier to be seen at night.
There is a protective toe guard
The outsole is made out of rubber that allows easy grip and traction.
Can be cleaned easily.
Keen Newport H2 Kids
The Keen Kids Newport H2 is the same design as the original; the only difference is now the upper is made out of a quick-drying polyester. This means it is able to last longer than the leather and it is much easier to clean. This shoe still has all the features that were mentioned above, just a different upper.

In closing, the Keen Kids Newport Sandals are perfect for children who will be out in the outdoors. It provides the protection that is needed to keep the children’s feet safe. The sandals look good and are extremely comfortable. This is one product that parents should definitely consider for their children.

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