E-learning – Singing from the same hymn sheet

E-learning – Singing from the same hymn sheet

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E-Learning – its not about technology, Its about communicating your ideas and procedures and getting it into the heads of the recipients, after all, it is they who will put it into action. Say it once, loud and clear and then let them test themselves on their understanding of your message.

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E-learning gives you the opportunity to deliver and measure whether or not, you are achieving your goals. But the term E-learning has a certain internet geeky stigma attached to it. It sounds complicated and technical. But the truth of the matter is it’s neither. Take the E out of E-learning and everyone becomes more comfortable.

I was listening to an online SEO seminar the other day, during which, the host was explaining how if he had to tell one more newbie what page rank was he would consider putting a gun to his own head. Amusing as the remark was, you could easily identify with the frustration of him having to repeat the same old message. All educators and that includes business owners and managers have the same problem.

There are only so many things you have to do to acheive a succesful outcome in any business task. By documenting those tasks just once means that the procedure can be repeated to all members of staff over and over again. Ray Kroc took the procedures for the McDonald brothers restaurant and duplicated it globally so that every member of staff within the restaurant was aware of thier procedures and responsiblities no matter what their position or where they were in the world.

If Ray Kroc had access to the internet and E-learning when he was building the McDonalds empire he could have achieved his targets and educated the workforce more rapidly.

Now you may not have a global fast food restaraunt chain but the principles apply to all businesses. You may operate from a single unit or be geographically spread, either way its important for everyone concerned with the business to be fully aware of their duties and responsibilities and what the company is trying to achieve, It’s mission Statement.

The most efficient way to make that happen is to use an E-learning program. How many instances have there been in your business where things don’t go to plan because you assumed everybody knew what they were doing?

Singing from the same hymn sheet If only we could get everyone to sing from the same hymn sheet. A common cry across all organisations I have had the opportunity to work with over the years The following is a list of cries for help broken down into the problem (Pain) What needs to be done (vision) and how E-learning can help (the solution) Do any of these sound familiar?

The Pain: We provide professional advice to our clients – We don’t know if the advice given is consistent with updates in legislation. The Vision: I need to make sure our staff’s gives reliable information to our clients. The Solution: Using E-learning will test the knowledge of your staff on critical information updates

The Pain: My only form of education is to hope they read the manuals. The Vision: If I had a system where I could offer different training courses and achievement levels and with a testing method I would know that they are comprehending what is required for their job. The Solution: E-learning will track each learner based on modules
• which module they are on
• Length of time per module
• Test score per module
• Number of retakes
• Benchmark your employees
• Measure your employees
• Improve your employees

The Pain: My customers and site visitors keep asking the same questions The Vision: If I could set up an online training, testing and certifying system for customers thus helping them get the answers they need without the burden on our time The Solution: E-learning will benefit all companies wanting to educate customers it will also be seen an added value to the business relationship .

The one thing you need to know about E-learning is this – It’s not about technology. It’s about communicating your idea’s and procedures and getting it into the heads of the recipients, after all, it is they who will put it into action.

There are many ready made E-learning programs available, some better than others. The benefit of ready made E-learning solutions is that you can be educating your staff within weeks But if you must have a bespoke E-learning program made and you need it up and running soon then try and keep it away from your IT department. Leave the pyrotechnics for another day.

Use video and audio where you can – People using E-learning learn better using a combination of tools. There aren’t many people that can master something just by reading it.

Time Out You, as the business owner or manager will know what is it that you want to communicate to your staff. Of course solving all these problems does take time and you will need to take time out from all that selling to achieve your goals but remember with E-learning you should only have to do it once. Say it once, loud and clear and then test them on their understanding of your message.

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