Per Capita Energy – It’s Concept and Measurement

The population of the world is growing at about 1.2% per year, or nearly 75 million people per year. The World average per capita energy consumption is about 1745 kg joules per person. Hence, in order to maintain today’s world per capita energy use, we will have to build the equivalent of 174GW of power capacity that is equivalent to about 174 nuclear reactors per coal power plants every year.

Nowadays, people who are dwelling in cities which are responsible for global warming turn out to capitalforbusiness be greener than their country cousins. But they don’t seem to reduce energy consumption. It is mainly because they are always forced to crowd together. Many stay in smaller dwellings, like apartments and condos, have shorter commutes and are forced to use mass transit due to traffic congestion.

You must understand the falling of per capita consumption amidst rising productivity results in rising unemployment and poverty. The energy consumption is very less in our most densely populated locales and hence we can solve the global warming crisis by actually increasing the density of our population.

It is high time that we focus on the one and only solution that offers any hope of a sustainable high quality of life in the future. It is the stabilization of our population. About 65 percent of the world population receive per capita useful energy of 250W or lower. Americans drastically use a lot of energy. Don’t think I am condemning. Both our economy and lifestyle are based upon cheap energy.

In order to increase the efficiency of energy, the energy demands of a power plant are to be considered. Even the demands of every citizen should be given heed to. Factors such as environment, citizen awareness of climate change and personal responsibility are methods to achieve low per capita energy consumption and carbon emissions in California counties and cities. Citizens are giving off more than 35,000 times their body weight in carbon emissions annually in many cities. Hence fight global warming!

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