Small Business Online Secrets – How To Market Your Small Business Online Part One

So you own a small business and you want to market yourself online. There are really a few good ways to go about doing this. The first way is to pay lots of money to a company like mine and get nearly guaranteed results. The other way is to look all over the internet and find little bits and pieces of information here and there and try to piece it all together yourself. While this is quite difficult for most people there are some business owners that prefer to be a do it yourself type person. So I am going to spill the beans today. I am going to give you some of my best secrets for free. I know these things work because I use them for clients every single day.

The first step to marketing your business online is to use words. Now that may seem very basic but think about it. Even though pictures are pretty and videos are nice the internet runs on words. Much like cars run on gasoline the internet is powered by the words we type in and the words we find. If you want to have a business that is successful from the clients you get offline you needs words…lots of words. That is why it is so crucial to have a blog.

A “blog” or weblog is a reverse chronological listing of posts that are made by a person or a business. These posts are indexed or found by the major search engines very effectively and can point lots of potential traffic to your business. This traffic is targeted because they have found you because of the words you used in your article. Specifically the keywords!

Keywords are words in an article or blog post that are a one word summary of your topic or idea. When you write a blog post you will be asked for the keywords. These are the things that people who might be interested in your article will be typing into the search engines.

Maybe you are saying, “I am not a writer, I cannot do this!” Well you don’t have to be. There are ghost writers out on the net that will write articles for you. Look to pay from $5-25 per article for good quality content. If you post one article per week on your blog that is, at the most, $100 per month. Not much to pay for growing a successful marketing campaign on the internet. The great thing about articles is that they live forever. Unlike advertising the articles that you post to your blog will stay there forever and drive traffic your way.

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