Cambridge – The Univer-City!

Cambridge is a city that is celebrated in the entire world due to its universities, but as any university town it hides many things including secret ones that are not heard about or do not strike the eye. Apart from being a cultural institution in many ways, Cambridge also lies in the middle of a high technology center called Silicon Fen.

The city is also strategically well set and has therefore been used as a settlement for more then 3500 years. A farm was discovered that dates from that period and there universitycafe is evidence of Belgian tribes settling there in 1st century BC.

The city has since then been occupied by the Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans.

The civilian population of Cambridge was however usually spared slaughter and destruction. Since the city lies on a crossing of two rivers which is good for trade and business in general, so it would generally be spared and the people would simply change masters. The University formed in 1209 and has flourished ever since. The importance of a good strategical location can also be noted in the exchange of culture and knowledge that made Cambridge one of the oldest university cities in Europe.

Being one of the greatest university cities in the world, Cambridge is also one the world’s party, art and political centers. So many famous people from all fields used to eat, sleep, party and study here. As a matter of fact many of the biggest Pink Floyd fans don’t know that the band was formed in Cambridge and that the band’s first Guitar player, Sid Barret was a local.

Considered to be slightly, or more slightly perturbed genius by some and a total idiot by others, Sid Barret is the paradoxical example of an university artist that writes his poems on a park bench in Cambridge.

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