Bazi Brings Jujube Juice To North America – The “Fruit Of Immortality”

More and more people are asking “what is jujube juice?” and “why is it
getting so much buzz right now?” If you’re reading this, the odds of two
things being true are pretty high — you’ve heard of jujube juice, and you
don’t know much about it. Which is understandable. It’s creating quite a
stir among athletes and health conscious people, but it’s still so new that
the average man in the street bazinga doesn’t have it on his radar. In this brief
article we will introduce you to the Super Fruit jujube, and we’ll share
some of the benefits of drinking the juice made from it.

Although most Americans haven’t heard of it yet, the jujube (Ziziphus jujuba) is legendary in
China. It’s a tree that’s been cultivated in the Shandong province for
over four thousand years. It produces a delicious fruit that contains so
much nutritional value that it’s reputed that priests lived on nothing but
jujube fruit for years at a time. It’s this astonishing nutrient rich
essence that has caused the jujube fruit to come to be known as “the fruit
of immortality”.

For thousands of years, the jujube fruit and its juice have been prized for
their amazing health and medicinal values. In the very first textbook of
Chinese herbalism, jujube was given a prominent role. Written by the
founder of Chinese herbal medicine, this ancient text praised and
recommended jujube for its ability to cleanse the blood of toxins,
cleanse the kidneys, liver, heart, and other vital organs, and build stamina
and energy. In addition to its rich nutritional value, the jujube is also
said to have great healing properties for those suffering from illness or
less than ideal health. Prized for thousands of years in China, and long
considered almost a complete food in itself, and a powerful healing agent,
jujube is just now being introduced in juice form to the North American market.

Anyone who hasn’t heard of it yet will probably find out about it soon.
It’s getting attention because people who drink jujube juice are
reporting wonderful benefits from taking it on a regular basis. More and
more people who drink jujube juice are reporting that they’re experiencing
more energy, longer stamina, quicker healing of injuries, less pain from
chronic conditions, and many more positive effects. Most people who drink
jujube juice get it from a brand new product called Bazi. With just a
single one ounce serving of Bazi juice, a person can take in not only the
legendary jujube, but also more fruits and antioxidants than most Americans
get in an entire week. That’s why there’s such interest in jujube and Bazi
juice. More and more people each day are experience the life changing
benefits of making jujube juice part an essential part of their daily health
and nutrition in the form of Bazi.

Gene Stewart AP is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine specializing in anti aging, nutritional and functional medicine. He practices in the Orlando Florida area. More information on the benefits of jujube and Bazi can be found at [] If you would like to learn more about adding Bazi to your health practice or business, visit [

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