Have You Met My Shopping Genie?

This introduction to My Shopping Genie may change your online shopping habits for ever, saving you the two things that are always in short supply – time and money. Developed by MyNet Universe, the software has made over 30 million price comparisons for online shoppers in 3 years, and that number is growing every day.

Your personal bargain hunter

Using My Shopping Genie to make price comparisons online is like having a personal shopper go out to thousands of stores to find you the best prices and deals – online. Each time you search for an item on your preferred search engine, appivapp the software automatically conducts its own search, comparing prices at over 200,000 online retail and auction sites. The software searches the big names like Amazon, Sears, Walmart and eBay, as well as ones you may not know of and would take hours to find in your normal search results.

Using the toolbar that appears discreetly at the bottom of your screen, you can select from the specific retailers listed, or you can select ‘Compare’. This is where the magic if My Shopping Genie is revealed. A small window opens with a shortlist of sites – these are the stores where this appi found the best prices for the item you are searching for. Selecting the ones you’d like to see opens each site in a different tab, on the page where the item is listed, so you can easily browse and select the store you want to buy from.

Saving you time and money

Compared to a normal search, where you have to wade through millions of search results, some of which don’t even lead to the product you want to buy, My Shopping Genie is a real time-saver. No more writing down website addresses and prices on scraps of paper, then having to return to each page to check the prices again. My Shopping Genie leads you directly to the online retailers offering the best prices. If you click on the ‘Deals’ tab in the My Shopping Genie toolbar, you’ll be taken to all the top sites offering free trials, discounts, coupons and other deals.

Easy to use, free to download

Now you know how easy My Shopping Genie is to use, you’ll be wondering how much this innovative software costs. Well, this is the really great part – it’s free! You can download the software and install it on your computer at no cost to you. The installation takes a couple of minutes, and the software starts working immediately, finding the best prices and deals for you. This certainly makes My Shopping Genie an appealing option. Having used the software, I can’t say that I found any problems with it – and it really does find the best prices, quickly and easily.

My Shopping Genie can make you money too

You can actually earn money with My Shopping Genie too, not just save it. By signing up to their affiliate program, you can earn money by promoting the software to friends, family and colleagues who shop online. Since it’s free to download it won’t take much convincing either.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection. My Shopping Genie does all the technical stuff for you – they even give you a ready-built website – and they give you a special personalized link to their site. When anyone clicks on that link and downloads the application, you start earning. You can personalize the website with your own logo or company name, and start a business from home that will steadily grow. With almost 230 million internet users in the US alone, the potential market for this software is huge.

To promote the software, you can send that personalized link, or the link to your website, to friends, family and colleagues. You can do this via email, or promote your website in other ways, such as online classified adverts. Each time they tell someone else about My Shopping Genie and send that person to the site via your link, your earnings increase. If any of these contacts sign up to be an affiliate for My Shopping Genie as well, you earn from their promotional efforts too.

The real bonus is that you’re not ‘selling’ anything. Your contacts will pay absolutely nothing to download the application software, and it will save them time and money when they are shopping online. Who wouldn’t want to download it?

Meet My Shopping Genie – a useful friend to online shoppers around the globe – saving you time and money, with the potential to earn extra income for you too. Free, convenient, easy to use with earning potential may sound too good to be true, but this is one product that really does what it claims to do.

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