The United States & Barack Obama

First and foremost, I would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to America and to President-Elect Obama for this monumental victory. The hope and optimism for the future is apparent across the globe now despite the perilous issues the entire world is facing. In light of his historic and inspiring victory, I have decided to take a closer look at the relationship between the United States and Barrack Obama.

Barack Obama has an amazing number of tight conjunctions with the astrology chart for the United States (see footer). Obama’s Neptune falls so precisely on our nation’s rising sign that it is nothing short of amazing. product-evaluation The United States Ascendant is 08°35′ in Scorpio and Barack Obama’s Neptune lines up almost exactly at 08°36′ in Scorpio. Neptune symbolizes our need for spiritual transcendence and our highest ideals. This is an especially noteworthy aspect because it shows that Barack Obama’s highest ideals concerning America are perfectly in synch with the principles held dearest by the American people.

In addition, Obama’s Neptune forms 3 harmonious trines (these indicate ease, warmth, and cooperation) to the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter of the United States. This indicates that Obama has an effortless flair to inspire the nation to live up to its highest potentials. This also shows that he has the ability to do so by reminding us of our larger spiritual role as human beings who are citizens of planet Earth as opposed to simply being American citizens. This is in direct contrast to George W. Bush’s narrow ideology of “it’s us against them” and “you’re either with us or against us” mentality. Instead, Obama’s entire philosophy is one based on the forward advancement of humanity as a whole.

It is of particular interest that Obama’s Neptune does tightly square (this creates tension) the nation’s midheaven and north node (this is the ultimate direction the country needs to be headed in a spiritual sense). This indicates that Barack Obama will have an uphill battle to climb at certain points during his administration because the public may feel that his ideas are either too idealistic or simply unpractical. Thus, he will have to demonstrate the kind of charismatic confidence and relentlessness that he has displayed in his 2008 Presidential campaign in order to truly get America behind all of his plans.

The Neptune of the United States is tightly conjunct Obama’s Mars. Mars in an astrology chart represents what we feel passionate about and are willing to fight for. Thus, in this configuration, we see Barack Obama willing to passionately fight for the American Dream for himself and for that of others. Ultimately, it seems that Obama’s greatest dream is taking this nation forward in a very progressive and determined manner.

Another interesting fact is that Obama’s Midheaven (career and social status) falls within the first house (the general viewpoint and attitude toward life) of the chart of the United States. This is a strong indicator that Obama’s career goals are perfectly in synch with the viewpoints of the citizens of the United States. This is symbolic of a handshake done in the spirit of goodwill. Obama pushes America’s highest vision of itself forward and, in return, the United States helps Obama accomplish his most cherished ideals for the American people.

Barack Obama’s Sun in Leo is in a tight conjunction (marriage or union type energy) with the midheaven (the way the U.S. goes about its business and the way the world see the U.S.) of the United States. This symbolizes that the United States sees Barack Obama as a perfect example of the American Dream and its highest ideals.

Think about that for a moment.

His parents were biracial. After they divorced, he was raised by a single mother and his grandparents. He went on to be a standout graduate from Harvard Law School and a youthful senator for the state of Illinois. Now, despite all of the hardships that he has faced, he is the very first African American President this nation has ever witnessed. The message of Obama’s life is classic Americana and gives all of us, regardless of our race, the hope of achieving our highest potential no matter how difficult our past might have been.

There are 3 charts that exist for the United States and Astrologers have fiercely debated which one is the most accurate. Of course, the birth of our country is July 4, 1776. The exact time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence is the issue widely disagreed upon. There is the 5:10 PM chart with a Sagittarius Ascendant, the most popular chart at 02:13:32 AM chart with a Gemini Ascendant, and the last one is the 2:21 PM chart for the United States that I personally prefer. This gives our country a Scorpio Rising Ascendant and it just so happens that our country’s national symbol is the eagle. The eagle is also one of the symbols that represents Scorpio. The eagle symbolizes the highest and most spiritually aware form of Scorpio’s power.

Eric Hughes is an Astrological Consultant who compassionately enables people to understand themselves on a deep spiritual level. He helps people to enthusiastically embrace their life with renewed passion as they learn how to consciously honor their own unique inner-flame. He is also the author of the popular TinyFeet Astrology Children’s Report. Eric may be contacted at (404) 402-3179,


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