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Do your part of focus on planning and anticipate to give and receive the best.

Benefits and Limitations
In any task you undertake, always remember the pros and cons. I mean the benefits and Limitations in each of the tasks you have got to do. For example, when you are doing online business via Digital Marketing Leadership, the Benefits is the long term investment in your flexibility in your leisure hours and also the financial freedom you will attain with it. culo Nevertheless, there’s Limitations too, and that is initially for the first few years just like developing your own business offline, you must undergo a huge discipline, determination and persistence until you see the fruits. Just take an example of a tender coconut seed. In order for the coconut to yield the fruit and give plenty of coconuts, they must be germinated methodically, fenced from harm or damage done by animals, then needs to be watered for 5 consecutive years. It’s only in the fifth years of watering the coconut plant that has now become a small tree starts yielding the fruits and now it starts yielding plenty of them every three months. Therefore, foresee the Benefits of Financial Freedom and the hardships to be undergone in Digital Marketing Leadership by honing one skill at a time. Here, Patience, Determination and Discipline is a Virtue.

We Rather than I
Always remember “Teamwork is Dream work”. Always get the attitude right i.e. it should always be “We” rather than “I”. Getting this right is so important. I cannot emphasize the importance of you reading “17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork” by Dr. John C Maxwell.

Failure is the part of the Game
Failures are the stepping stone to success. The lessons we learn when we fail cannot be learnt otherwise. In fact to be success, failure is a part of it and inevitable. Thomas Alva Edison failed 9999 times before he invented the electric bulb. The lessons he learnt was simple: Thomas Edison learnt 9,999 ways he should not do to achieve his targeted vision. I recommend you reading the book “Failing Forward” by Dr. John C Maxwell as he has given umpteen examples on different great and popular personalities failed before they achieved total success.

Show an Insight of your life
Digital Marketing Leadership is hard and I cannot under emphasize the reasons why I assert this statement. Besides, keeping learning the latest upcoming Social Media working and procedures to implement, the different plugins and different apps that come up to make our life easier, there’s something I must admit i.e. Digital Marketing journey is a struggle because it’s so impersonal and it’s very difficult for people to Buy In to your ideas unless and until you express your Insights of your life with a finesse and a personal touch. You must treat your customers with same due respect, subtle care and warmth though professionally just as you would treat your guest. Therefore, it’s so important to take a friendly approach and show an Insight of your own life yet maintain professionalism.

Avoid Negative People like the Plague
An Optimist see the cup half-full and a pessimist see the cup half-empty. Therefore, it’s so important to avoid the negative naysayers who will try so hard to convinces and give you hundreds of reasons why it cannot be done. This negative attitude spreads like plague or a pandemic. So, first and foremost, avoid the Negative people and the ignorant ones who try to convince like the plague.

Don’t be a Show Off
Humble down and humble yourself. Just like any offline business, it’s going to take your dedication, time, investment and the most important of all your genuine efforts. Therefore, humble yourself and never Be a Show Off.

Become Obsessed
Become so obsessed with your Life Vision and Success and do write them down in your Life Vision Journal Book. Just be Monomaniacal focused on the goals by building a routine and daily rituals.

Become Transparent
In Digital Marketing Influence and Leadership, it’s so important that you become transparent yet maintain the professionalism. Do not pretend to be perfect. Accept the Imperfection because we are humans at the end of the day and going through the same struggles and putting in efforts sometimes and not yielding the results we choose to. Therefore, become transparent professionally.

The Power of Story
Revealing your secrets to success in your earlier successes or failures by having the ability to reveal the truth and hardship with the power of your own story is so important. Since computer and informational technology is so impersonal, we must touch people’s heart and that can be done only by the ability of telling your past story connected to the leadership tips you are offering. This helps to build authenticity and trust with your customers.

Advertising Works
The investment, efforts and time spent on advertising in different social media and the ability to learn the skills how to go about to expose yourself to more and more customers really works. In Short Adversity Works.


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