My Article Marketing Journey – What I Have Learned

I started dabbing into affiliate marketing a few month ago. I read I could make a good deal of money for it, but had no idea how feasible or easy that would be. Marketing Journey With more research, I concluded that someone who is very ambitious and knows what he or she is doing can make a nice, if not great, career from affiliate marketing. I started a website for a standardized test tutorial product, and signed up for product which stated they would raise my ranking. I did that because I believe what they pitched, but after seeing their product was not nearly as good what what they said (I will explain about what products to avoid in the future), I discontinued use and started article marketing on my own, by myself. I knew it would be a lot of hard work and that I the results may not be as quick as what I wanted, but boy was it worth it. Here, I will tell the story of my article marketing journey from affiliate marketing and its positives and successes.

After I closed my account with that company, I went to work thinking of topics and subjects about which I would write. At the beginning it took a little time, but once I got started one idea would feed off another idea, and then that idea would spawn into another idea. Brain storming. Make friends with it.

I try to have articles sent to article directories, as well as my website. I usually send articles to EzineArticles, which is a great article directory. For the person who is in their basic level, it may take a week to get your article approved – but do not fret, if you follow their guidelines, you have have it approved and online for the world to see. I remember how pumped I saw when my first articles were approved to be live and I found people viewing my articles! People cared about what I had to say!

In addition to articles directories, I also ping and social bookmark my articles after I publish them. This way, I let blogs and bookmarking websites know I published a post so the internet world knows I have something for people to view. I have had quite a few people visit my website from that method. It is also very good when starting new blogs to let the search engines know your website exists faster. Faster is good because the sooner you get traffic, the sooner you will be able to make sales from affiliate marketing.

Article marketing is very simple to do once you have a niche and keywords sorted. Simply choose a topic about which to write, then write 400-600 words or so. and then submit. If you only want to publish on your blog, it will appear instantly, or if you submit to a directory it make only take a few hours or up to a week (usually only if you are a new member).

I love this method as it is a way I can keep a close tab to see how many people are viewing my articles and visiting my website, for free! Currently, I have an article submitted yesterday with 20 views and 4 clicks! I have a great title and good content, so I am sure that the article will garnet even more attention. I am proud this my accomplishments and how I can see how they are positively affecting my online business!

My article marketing journey, I believe, is just begun. The best thing to do is to simply sit down and start writing. Be creative with your content, titles, and ideas as to create a positive and interesting vibe to your readers. Make sure to give them something helpful; the key to creating a successful online internet marketing empire is to help people with the problems for which they are seeking help. Do those few simple tasks and you will be rewarded with internet marketing views and click. Or as I like to call it: free marketing!

My name is Christian A. Lautenschleger and I founded Contemporary Marketing Success. I started the website to help people become successful internet marketers. It can be very frustrating for beginners at affiliate and internet marketing, and I want to help the budding marketer through their initial struggles.

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